Our Staff

2018 - 2019 Bell Schedule

Office Staff

Sandy Gregory, Office Manager
Anna Wright, Bookkeeper
Lauren Jones, Attendance & Data Support Specialist (Email Attendance Notes here)
Kelley Gregory, Guidance Secretary
Sasha Imbrogno, Discipline Secretary


Ann James, RN
Kimberly Staton - Nursing Assistant

Grade 6 - Tree Frogs

 Ms. Collins   English  103  
 Ms. Flowers  English  104  
 Ms. Koontz  Math  107  
 Mr. Mugler  Social Studies  105  
 Ms. Walters  Science  102  

Grade 6 - Red Foxes

 Ms. Chesson Science  112  
 Ms. Pignaloso  English  111  
 Ms. McAllister  Math  108  
 Ms. McAnally  Social Studies  110  
 Ms. Schooley  Math  113  


Grade 7 - Blue Crabs

 Mr. Cullen  Science  207  
 Ms. Dean  English  205  
 Ms. Doyle  Social Studies  212  
 Ms. Horner  English  311  
 Mr. Lisi  Math  209  
 Mr. Mehl  Math  208  
 Mr. Muller  Social Studies  206  
 Ms. Wimbush  Math  211  

Grade 7 - Cobias

 Ms. Abreu  Math  201  
 Mr. Brown  English  204  
 Ms. Childers  English  210  
 Ms. Dobbs  Social Studies  203  
 Ms. Hamilton Life Skills 109  
 Ms. Mattes  Science  202  


Grade 8 - Pelicans

 Ms. Costello  Math   306  
 Ms. Doyle  Science  212  
 Mr. Harmon  Social Studies  308  
 Ms. Horner  Science  311  
 Ms. Long  English  304  
 Ms. Lucas  English  310  
 Mr. Maletz  Science  312  
 Mr. Mehl  Math  208  

Grade 8 - Ospreys

 Mr. Carpenter  English   305  
 Ms. Coulsting  Social Studies  303  
 Ms. Keating  English  315  
 Ms. Kenyon  Math  301  
 Mr. Long  Science  302  
 Ms. Ruffin  Math  309  

Electives - Art, Music, and Computer Solutions

 Mr. Simkins  Computer Solutions  319  
 Ms. German  Chorus  120  
 Mr. Rigg  Band & Orchestra  301  
 Mr. Simkins  Art  117  

Electives - Distance Learning, ESL, & Foreign Language

 Ms. Antongeorgi  Spanish  319  
 Ms. Aronson ESL  TBD  
 Ms. Jack  ESL  314  
 Ms. Kenner  Japanese  320  
 Ms. Ligot  Distance Learning  320  
 Ms. O'Brian Knight  French  320  
 Mr. Pierce  Latin  320  

Electives - Health and Physical Education

 Mr. Baroz  Health & PE  126  
 Ms. Domingo  Health & PE  125
 Mr. Newcomb  Health & PE  126  
 Ms. Werbiskis  Health & PE  125  

Electives - Reading, Tech Ed, & Teen Living

 Mr. Turner  Tech Ed  219  
 Ms. Kramarczuk  Reading  101
Ms. Stokes  Teen Living  216  

Electives - Visual Arts

 Ms. Baker  Visual Arts  118  
 Ms. Koehler  Visual Arts  116
 Ms. Provow  Visual Arts  114  


Teacher Assistants

Ms. Cox

Teacher Assistant


Ms. Finan-Watkowski

Teacher Assistant


Mr. Mosley

In School Suspension Coordinator


Ms. Stickles
Library Assistant  

Ms. Taylor

Teacher Assistant


Mr. Thomas

Teacher Assistant


Ms. Wilder

Teacher Assistant


Guidance Department

Ms. Edwards

7th Grade Counselor, Guidance Director


Ms. Groves

6th Grade Counselor


Ms. Silo

8th Grade Counselor



Ms. Chickey

School Speech Specialist


Ms. Hatfield

School Social Worker


Dr. Mathews

School Psychologist



Ms. Claffy

School Improvement

Ms. Leary

Special Education Program Compliance


Ms. Malkowski

Gifted Resource


Mr. Friedman

Instructional Technology Specialist


Ms. Scott

Literary Coach


Ms. Zaldivar

Library Media


Ms. Thornton

Student Support


Mr. Williams

Technology Support Technician



Officer Swartz

School Resource Officer


Mr. Alcon

Security Assistant


Mr. Gebelein

Security Assistant


Ms. Rhodes

Security Assistant