Mock Day

Virginia Beach Middle School Mock Day
Transportation Routes - August 28, 2018

Buses will arrive at Virginia Beach Middle with students by 8:55 am and Dismissal at 11am

The stops are not in order, please be at your bus stop at the time for the first stop.

Visual Arts Academy Students and Walking zone students are to provide their own transportation. None will be provided.

Route 1 First Stop 8:20 am Bus 528 S. Wolanin
(Friendship/ Birdneck Lakes/ Wadsworth/ Croatan/ Harbour Point)
Birdneck Rd & Carver Ave.
Adanka Lane & Treefern Dr.
Hudson Dr. & Glenn Falls Ct.
Hudson Dr. & Tappenzee Ct.
Croatan Rd. & Surfside Ave.
General Booth Blvd. & Harbour Point (Oceanside)

Route 2 First Stop 8:20 am Bus 382 Miss Coco
(Linler/Arbor Trace/ Chanticleer/Birdneck Point/Birdneck Acres/Linkhorn Bay)
Wright Ln & Seward Ln.
Carolyn Dr. & Linbay Dr.
Reynard Dr. & Winwood Dr.
Tanager Trl. & Cardinal Rd.
Waterfront Dr. & Spring Lake Crest #1
Donna Blvd. & Suhtai Ct.
Bluebird Dr. & Red Robin Rd.

Route 3 First Stop at 8:25 am Bus 328 S. Dickens
Caribbean Ave. & High Point Ave
Rude Ave. & Virginia Ave.
Norfolk Ave. & Indian Ave.
Norfolk Ave. & Marshview Dr.
Delaware Ave. & Mediterranean Ave.

Route 4 First Stop 8:25am Bus 591 K. Scott
(South End of Beach)
Hope Ave. & Oceanside Ct.
Mediterranean Ave. & 14th St. @ Cooke Elementary
Pacific Ave & 11th St.
Birch Lake Rd. & Virginia Beach Blvd.
Virginia Beach Blvd. & Seabridge Rd.
Virginia Beach Blvd. @ Colony Mobile Home Park

Route 5 First Stop 8:15am (All stops are on landside) Bus 237 N. James
(North End/ Bay Colony)
32nd St. & Holley Rd.
34th St. & Pacific Ave. (Oceanside)
E. Bay Shore Dr. & Roholfe Ln.
Bruton Ln. & Ditchley Rd.
Bay Colony Dr. & Rothesay Rd.
Bay Colony Dr. & Cedar Point Dr.
Atlantic Ave. & 48th St.
Atlantic Ave. & 51st ST.
Atlantic Ave. & 55th St.
Atlantic Ave. & 70th St.
Atlantic Ave. & 74th ST.
Atlantic Ave. & 85th St.
Whitehaven Rd. & Discovery Rd.
62nd St. & Susan Constant Dr.

Bus numbers are subject to change. For an up to date bus change please contact Virginia Beach Middle School. Prior to this date to find the correct bus number.